1. micki jacobs says:

    There is an over-riding topic that you are missing if my search of vitamin K2, which yielded nothing, is correct about this blog.
    Are you familiar with vitamin K2?
    Please contact me if you are not, but vitamin K repletion is possible from a vast variety of cultural diets, and we have fouled it up.
    Diabetes is a very interesting topic as affected by vitamin K. I think you need to go here.
    Vitamin K2 is made endogenously (as MK-4. the only menaquinone not made by fermentation), consumed in diet, and activates a wide variety of proteins in a wide variety of tissues (brain, pancreas, kidneys, etc).

    My comment on quick response to BMJ:

    I have previously contacted Taubes, but he was doubtful, asking if K2 supplementation would ‘offset’ the damage from excessive sugar and refined grains – not what I meant and I endorse the lost foods, not supplements. While we increased these toxic foods, we did not realize that we LOST vitamin K2 in our diet! Much more data has flowed in now, and I still point out that we lost it and we impaired vitamin K actions from foods, medicines and I also think some EDCs foul up vitamin K actions.

    US dietary guidelines only consider vitamin K1, but not K2 in all its forms. This lost K2 and fouled up K actions is fundamental in our common chronic diseases. I think it is why they tend to be concomitant: CVD, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, dementia/AD, osteoporosis, and likely autoimmune diseases all share insufficiency of vitamin K and/or impaired K actions.

    No one knows this because we just thought vitamin K was vitamin K1. Not so. Big mistake.

    Look into Gprc6a (osteocalcin receptor), how K2 increases testosterone, how UBIAD1 (also called TERE1) literally MAKES MK-4 throughout the body and how we have messed this up, look into transport of K, how it is one of the most powerful antioxidants/anti-inflammatories out there, how INR misses what is really important for vitamin K and measuring K status. Learn about dihydrophylloquinone, likely a candidate for much of the damage done to our population. Learn about how we have fouled up calcium behavior because of this loss (and this includes brains, where the myelin sheath – where the largest concentration of MK-4 exists and which communicate via calcium signaling – is impaired and this is literally ‘dumbing down’ everyone).

    Micki Jacobs

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